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"Lisa is a thorough, conscientious caregiver who cares about her patients like they were her friends. Her attitude transcends a typical patient/professional relationship to a level of caring personality for each woman she sees. I used to put off my yearly exams, but since I chose Lisa Hummel as my caregiver, making the appointment really gives me a feeling of comfortable self responsibility."




“It is common knowledge that women do best in their professional and personal lives, and especially with their OB-GYN needs, when positive relationships occur. Lisa Hummel meets and exceeds those needs for women at both the professional and personal level. She creates a safe, professional environment for women on their most private levels. I have been a patient of Lisa’s for over 20 years and have made numerous referrals of others to her care. Lisa’s warm, caring demeanor is a welcome experience within today’s evolving, changing medical systems. “

-Pam D.



Compassionate, Patient and knowledgeable, Lisa provides personal care in a professional manner. She promotes wellness with attention to detail. Lisa's calm thorough approach and clean direction is always reassuring. I look forward to my yearly visits and continuing the relationship I've developed with Lisa as my practitioner over the years.

-Nancy M.

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